If Obama had any balls, this is how he would respond to Mexico shooting at border patrol today: madright.com/mexican… #tcot #tgdn

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Gun Grabbers Expose Children As Political Props, Very Distasteful

The liberals seem to unfold one bad idea after another, this time they stoop as low as to involve kids. First of all they are completely exposing their children for political gain, not sure if that is more Nazism or Socialism. Regardless these moms dressed their kids up like doctors to support Obama's appointment of an Anti-Gun Surgeon…
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Kids Reaction to Shooting A Monster Buck Will Have You In Tears

Some of us have been hunting for many years, but we all remember the first time we killed a deer. Mine was a Thursday afternoon one day when my dad …
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Is Ben Carson For or Against Semi-Automatic Weapons?

In this short interview Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson is asked about his stance on semi-automatic guns. Listen very closely to what he has to say about the issue. He …
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Off Duty Cop Kills Man After ISIS Supporter Beheads A Woman In Oklahoma

Alton Nolen is the black- muslim associated with the beheading atrosity, he was also reported attempting to convert many of his coworkers to ( you guess it) MUSLIM! Where are …
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Terrorist Bloopers, How have these idiots formed an army?

In light of the ISIS threat, we must remind ourselves that despite Obama refusing to address the threat, they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot…literally! Watch these bloopers from …
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