Pro-Tip: Don't pull a gun out on the police. RT @NimohTheBoss I don't want to be next #AntonioMartin

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Obama is Taking Revenge on Florida Gun Store Owner Who Banned Muslims From His Store

A Florida gun store is now facing a Department of Justice investigation because the owner decided to ban Muslims from buying guns through his store. In the video posted to the store's Facebook page below, owner Andy Inverness warns watchers of Muslim extremists and political correctness in decided that Muslims can no longer buy from him. He came…
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Is this a joke? Alabama middle school principal’s CRAZY proposal to stop armed intruders. (VIDEO)

A Valley, Alabama middle school principal has a solution for armed intruder situations: give the students canned goods. Yes, just tell your child to hold this can of corn and, …
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This Guy Is The Craziest and Best Archer We’ve Ever Seen

Holy crap. Lars Andersen may come across a bit goofy, with his long stares after he completes shooting an arrow, but the man is by far the best at archery. …
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Time to Boycott Liam Neeson, The Anti-Gun Crusader. (Boycott Details Here)

Liam Neeson’s new Taken 3 movie was (unfortunately) just released last week, and as Neeson promotes taking actions unlawfully into his own hands with his guns, he is calling for …
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“Yeah my attitude has changed.” – Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Activist CHANGES His Mind After This. (Video)

Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a leader in the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement, went through use of force scenarios with police. The video and his reactions are amazing. From Bearing Arms: …
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