If Obama had any balls, this is how he would respond to Mexico shooting at border patrol today: madright.com/mexican… #tcot #tgdn

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“5 Guns To Scare The Living Crap Out Of Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend”

HAHA- Finally someone has taken the time to break down the 5 best guns to scare daughter's boyfriend. Glock with 100 round magazine ought to do the trick, but if it isn't...Remington R1 with Tyrant suppressor. You could shoot the tires out and never even know. "This is a fantasy we wouldn't really do that..." Anyways feel free…
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Watch This 13 Year Old Girl Shoot Like A Pro!

Warning: if you are a liberal, your head might explode. Her name is Katie Francis and she’s shooting a full auto ACR, 12 ga Benelli M2, and a S&W M&P …
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Gun Control Capitol of The United States Has Violent July 4th Weekend

Chicago had another violent weekend — this time over 60 reported shooting victims in the gun-controlled city. According to NBC Chicago, at least 7 people have been killed from the …
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Watch These Robber’s Reaction When The Store Owner Pulls Out His Shotgun

A moment that will make any law abiding gun owner smile… These two robbers think they are tough guys until they curl up in the fetal position and flinch at …
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Well You Can Cross Target Off Your List Of Stores To Shop At

Their name is “Target” but I doubt their leadership could hit one. Target Stores has decided that your individual liberty does not extend to their stores. Via the Associated Press: …
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