If Obama had any balls, this is how he would respond to Mexico shooting at border patrol today: madright.com/mexican… #tcot #tgdn

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Gun Grabbers Expose Children As Political Props, Very Distasteful

The liberals seem to unfold one bad idea after another, this time they stoop as low as to involve kids. First of all they are completely exposing their children for political gain, not sure if that is more Nazism or Socialism. Regardless these moms dressed their kids up like doctors to support Obama's appointment of an Anti-Gun Surgeon…
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How To Hold A Gun Like The Urban Outdoorsman

East Texas Bowhunters Association was kind enough to teach everyone how to properly operate a firearm like the ‘Urban Outdoorsman.” What is this exactly? We believe the urban outdoorsman is …
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Hugh Glass, Fur Trapper, The Toughest Man That Ever Lived

  Hugh Glass was a fur trader back when being an outdoorsman was the greatest career path available in the early 1800s. In 1822 he was on a expedition north …
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“5 Guns To Scare The Living Crap Out Of Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend”

HAHA- Finally someone has taken the time to break down the 5 best guns to scare daughter’s boyfriend. Glock with 100 round magazine ought to do the trick, but if …
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Watch This 13 Year Old Girl Shoot Like A Pro!

Warning: if you are a liberal, your head might explode. Her name is Katie Francis and she’s shooting a full auto ACR, 12 ga Benelli M2, and a S&W M&P …
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