If Obama had any balls, this is how he would respond to Mexico shooting at border patrol today: madright.com/mexican… #tcot #tgdn

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Gun Grabbers Expose Children As Political Props, Very Distasteful

The liberals seem to unfold one bad idea after another, this time they stoop as low as to involve kids. First of all they are completely exposing their children for political gain, not sure if that is more Nazism or Socialism. Regardless these moms dressed their kids up like doctors to support Obama's appointment of an Anti-Gun Surgeon…
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Man Forced to Take Off NRA Hat While Voting Is Fighting Back for Gun Owners Everywhere!

You may remember hearing about a Georgia man who was forced to take off his NRA instructor hat when going to vote. Now he’s swinging back at government for forcing …
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Black Milwaukee Sheriff RIPS ‘Disgusting’ Eric Holder

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke did not hold back words in an interview with Megyn Kelly recently. He defended the police from Eric Holder’s race-baiting tactics. Via The Washington Times Attorney …
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Real or Fake? Grizzly Bear Chases Biker Through the Woods

I’m speechless after watching this video. This is a nightmare scenario. Watch as this biker spots a grizzly bear chasing him and has to ride away and hide. And while …
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What This Sheriffs Department Posted to Facebook Is Easily The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

It’s not often you see humor utilized by officers of the law. But in this case, we applaud the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia for doing so! This is …
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