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Watch This Taliban Idiot Dance and Sing, War Is A Joke To Them

This video will make any American laugh, this Taliban Jester is singing and dancing during a time of war. A perfect example of why these people do not deserve power or to win this ongoing war on terror. The best thing we could do for this guy is get him some english lessons! ....And maybe some dancing lessons…
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Hippie Central: Young Liberals Sing and Dance to Protest Gun Rights

They’ll never admit they want to take your gun rights away. But they do. Under the guise of “saving the 33″ people who are killed everyday by guns, these young …
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Actual Footage Of Suppression Fire- U.S. Army Patrol

Awesome footage released of actual U.S. Army Gentleman returning suppression fire against Taliban enemies. You can tell this video is real because they are using real time military training tactics …
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WOW — Judge to Alleged Murderer: “I hope you die in prison!”

This Michigan judge didn’t hold his tongue at ALL on this one! “I agree with the family — I hope you die in prison as well. You know, if this …
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Gun Loons Pull Trigger On A NRA Protest, unbelievable

Wow, 30 seconds into the clip we realize that they clearly do not understand that gun violence is not directly the fault of guns. Why not try to blame the …
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