Pro-Tip: Don't pull a gun out on the police. RT @NimohTheBoss I don't want to be next #AntonioMartin

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Tax Payer Dominates WelFare Abusers After Grocery Store Observation…Pregnant and Rippin’ Cigs

Why does a Tax Payer need to call out welfare abusers? After observing them buy items such as steaks and other delicious expensive goods with their EBT carts and stop by the Lottery Machine to purchase their tickets on the way out of the door. Can you really blame the guy for getting upset? When told, "Mind your…
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Is this a joke? Alabama middle school principal’s CRAZY proposal to stop armed intruders. (VIDEO)

A Valley, Alabama middle school principal has a solution for armed intruder situations: give the students canned goods. Yes, just tell your child to hold this can of corn and, …
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Protest Erupts In Chicago After Release Of Laquan McDonald Killing

Did Laquan McDonald deserve to be shot? “The Tribune reported that McDonald had an “extensive juvenile record,” but had a job he found through a church. He had enrolled at …
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Obama To Ban “Christmas” In the Military

Reports have confirmed that OBAMA has directed Military officials to not use the word “Christmas” because not everyone celebrates the birth of Christ. Faith and Prayer only seem to be …
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“Harmless Refugee” Raped Swedish Woman To Death, Why?

A Muslim Somalian Refugee made a home in Sweden after he left his country looking for ‘better opportunity’. What he found was a peaceful Swedish girl that was enjoying a …
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Obama is Taking Revenge on Florida Gun Store Owner Who Banned Muslims From His Store

A Florida gun store is now facing a Department of Justice investigation because the owner decided to ban Muslims from buying guns through his store. In the video posted to …
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