Congratulations Georgia on a great step towards preserving the #2ndAmendment. Let's push for Constitutional Carry in 2015! #gunrights #nra

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The Craziest Anti-Gun Protestor Ever Says Something You Won’t Believe.

These people are nuts. The Media Research Center sent out a man to ask questions of Anti-NRA protestors. Some were incomprehensible, others look pretty dumb talking about knife control and other things. But this one woman at 1:40 says the absolute most insane thing ever. We don't want to spoil it for you, so without quoting we'll just…
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Georgia Defends The 2nd, Retains Right To Bear Arms!

Now the right to bear arms will stand stronger than ever in the state of Georgia! House bill 60 has passed now making Georgia the state with the Best gun …
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News Anchor Asks Ted Nugent for His Opinion on Gun Control. Ted. Goes. Off.

Nugent goes off about Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and more “numbnuts.” You HAVE to love his passion! Ted speaks for all of us — share this around!

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Op-Ed: College Professor Explains Why Guns Could Protect Campuses – “The Best Way to Keep Students Safe”

A special Op-Ed to GunsSave.Us. Permission must be granted from author before republishing. The Best Way to Keep Students Safe by Dr. Kevin Lee Elder Professor, Georgia College & State …
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Watch This Taliban Idiot Dance and Sing, War Is A Joke To Them

This video will make any American laugh, this Taliban Jester is singing and dancing during a time of war. A perfect example of why these people do not deserve power …
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