If Obama had any balls, this is how he would respond to Mexico shooting at border patrol today: madright.com/mexican… #tcot #tgdn

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Hugh Glass, Fur Trapper, The Toughest Man That Ever Lived

  Hugh Glass was a fur trader back when being an outdoorsman was the greatest career path available in the early 1800s. In 1822 he was on a expedition north above the Missouri River area. During his exploration he was attacked by a grizzly bear. From his best memory, he was tossed to the ground and mauled a…
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“5 Guns To Scare The Living Crap Out Of Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend”

HAHA- Finally someone has taken the time to break down the 5 best guns to scare daughter’s boyfriend. Glock with 100 round magazine ought to do the trick, but if …
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Watch This 13 Year Old Girl Shoot Like A Pro!

Warning: if you are a liberal, your head might explode. Her name is Katie Francis and she’s shooting a full auto ACR, 12 ga Benelli M2, and a S&W M&P …
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Gun Control Capitol of The United States Has Violent July 4th Weekend

Chicago had another violent weekend — this time over 60 reported shooting victims in the gun-controlled city. According to NBC Chicago, at least 7 people have been killed from the …
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Watch These Robber’s Reaction When The Store Owner Pulls Out His Shotgun

A moment that will make any law abiding gun owner smile… These two robbers think they are tough guys until they curl up in the fetal position and flinch at …
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